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Roger Chandler


Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS 115599

A note from Roger


Having completed Naval AOCS and basic flight school training in Pensacola, FL in the late 1980s, I was stationed in San Diego, CA as an S-3 Viking Flight Officer aboard the USS Ranger. My last deployment was with Desert Storm.


After having had a difficult time purchasing a home in Pensacola or San Diego, and realizing that a lot of my shipmates in the Navy were similarly struggling to buy homes, I decided to get into the home loan business to help a lot of people, including veterans like me.  Now, 20+ years later, I continue to personally help hundreds of existing and future homeowners.


Rather than focusing on luxury villas in Malibu, Galveston or West Palm Beach, I decided early on in my real estate career to prioritize helping hard-working Americans achieve their goal of a safe, comfortable, and affordable home.  I promise to help and fight for you the best I can to finance the right home for you - one you can afford, one that feels right for you, one that you love living in! Let's connect and explore how I can help you!



Roger Chandler

Mortgage Loan Officer

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Karol Gonzales


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Don Whittaker


The Support Crew

  • Derryl (Marketing)

  • Jeff (Marketing)

  • Susan (Bookkeeping & Finance)

  • Steve (Information Technology)

  • Steffen (Web Designer)

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